UPDATE 2016: This website is maintained in dedication to Annamaria Maratona. After a long illness, God finally called her home.

Before she passed, Anna had asked that her website continue through her friendship with Stella Sawley of Saw Stars Maltese. Anna is no longer with us, but the site name of Anna's Heavenly Maltese, and Anna's dedication to providing AKC-registered, DNA-tested babydoll face Maltese puppies in Phoenix, Arizona, lives on through Stella.

Anna believed Maltese are the answer to your prayers, as they were to hers. A Maltese puppy is full of spirit, loving, intelligent, and playful. Their white coats are hypo-allergenic, they shed little to none, and their coats are as soft as angel's wings. God surely made this mystical little breed for comfort and love.

All of Anna's Angels featured on this website are Maltese from Stella's Saw Stars Maltese. Saw Stars Maltese only has a couple of litter per year, so please check out the beautiful Maltese featured on this site, and if you have questions or wish to find out when the next litter will be available, contact Stella directly at (480)294-2625, through email at SawStars Maltese or visit her Saw Stars website.

Message from Stella:

"Our Children of Angels"

We have extraordinarily nice baby doll face puppies, offering top show line A.K.C quality dogs. Our Maltese puppies are home-raised inside our home with lots of love, healthy and full of energy, ready for "YOU". We breed according to the AKC standards. Our sires & dams are all within the 4-6 lb. range, which produce gorgeous petite & compact puppies. Our passion for these wonderfully small, healthy, sweet-tempered companions with beautiful silky white hair, is beyond compare -- they are loved, cuddled, and spoiled.

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CHECK IT OUT! Anna was famous in the U.K.! Fancy, the queen of Anna's females, was featured on a British movie promotion website, Gone 2 The Dogs. The site features a game to play that's lots of fun! If you were reincarnated as a dog, what kind of dog would you be? Anna played the game and guess what? -- she came back as a Maltese! See the screen shot of her results and play the game yourself!

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