My name is Annamaria Maratona. I am a small, private breeder of AKC registered, DNA-tested Maltese puppies in Phoenix, Arizona. For most of the 20+ years that I have been breeding puppies, I have bred only Maltese. I believe the Maltese are the answer to your prayers, as they were to mine. A Maltese puppy is full of spirit, loving, intelligent, and playful. Their white coats are hypo-allergenic, shed little to none, and are as soft as angel's wings. God surely made this mystical little breed for comfort and love. If you are looking for a loving companion to share your life, one of Anna's angels is waiting for you!

To make it easier to reach me, I have partnered with Stella Sawley of Saw Stars Maltese. If I am unavailable, please contact Stella at (480)294-2625. For other breeders of Maltese puppies, or other quality puppies from breeders I know personally, please see their information under Anna Recommends/Other Breeders.
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CHECK IT OUT! Anna is famous in the U.K.! Fancy, the queen of Anna's females, is featured on a British movie promotion website, Gone 2 The Dogs. The site features a game to play that's lots of fun! If you were reincarnated as a dog, what kind of dog would you be? I played the game and guess what? -- I came back as a Maltese! See the screen shot of my results and play the game yourself!

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