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The cleanliness and dignified bearing of the modern day Maltese stems from the fact that, for centuries, they were the "lap dogs" of the people of culture and wealth.


Anna's Maltese in London

I recently received a request from Philip Barnard in London, U.K. who had visited my website and was interested in getting permission to use one of my Maltese pictures on his website. He felt my Maltese puppies were highly representative of the Maltese breed. It seems he just recently launched a new website to promote a movie coming out in Europe called "Gone 2 the Dogs." The London premiere was in October 2004 with an international release following. The movie is now out on DVD.

"Gone to the Dogs is a surreal comedy about a relationship that gets an unexpected leash of life from canine metamorphosis.

When wayward Jack retires to the seaside with his energetic wife Rose, he thinks the end is in sight. But Jack is about to discover that life isn't a one-way ticket.

After a fatal heart attack Jack finds himself reincarnated as a stray dog and it's not long before Rose unwittingly adopts him as her new pet. So begins Jack's bizarre journey of self-discovery as he adapts to his new existence and finally learns what a good marriage is all about."

Mr. Barnard explained about the upcoming movie, and said he had a game on his website that visitors could play. The game gives you a series of questions to answer, and then computes the answers to figure out what breed of dog you would be if you were reincarnated.

I sent him a picture of Fancy, the queen of my Maltese family who appears in the top graphic on every page of my website, and gave him permission to use the picture in the game. After he emailed me his thanks, I went to the website and played the game. It was a lot of fun, and I had a good time playing it and answering the questions. When I was done, my results were shown to me as the breed of dog I would be if I were to be reincarnated.

Imagine my surpise when the "computer" said I would be a Maltese! -- and there was a picture of my Fancy representing the Maltese breed to the world! There is no way to "cheat" the game; I had no idea when I was answering the questions what the "computer" would say...I just answered honestly. My Maltese and I have bonded so closely because...I AM one in my heart!

See the screen shot taken of my results below and play the game for yourself at http://www.gone2thedogs.com -- click on "GAME" on the left side of the screen when you browse to the website. You can find out about the movie, which looks like great fun, and note where to catch the international release when it is posted on the website.

My thanks to Philip Barnard in London for the wonderful opportunity to share a part of my heart -- my Maltese.

Screen shot of my results -- from the game at Gone 2 the Dogs movie website:

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